Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkey Smackdown 2005!

So, I'm cooking turkey for us and our friend James tonight. Then, tomorrow we go to Jeff's family's (Grandma with uncles, and cousins) for dinner, and the day after, we go to my in-laws for the day, and then we pick up Jeff's dad at the airport Friday night. Whew!
As long as his Grandmother steps off about me "still" nursing the boy, no one gets hurt. Seriously. She actually had the audacity while we were at Jeff's mom's for T's b-day to tell me "I want you to stop nursing him now." I replied "I want to win a million dollars in the lottery, but that's doubtful, too." Hehe.

Sometimes people - yes, even family just need to mind their own beeswax. She's still bothered by the fact that we co-sleep and I still wear Travis in the slings. She needs to Deal. With. It.

I say... it's none of anyone's concern as long as the baby is happy and healthy... that should be all that really matters. So there. Neh. :p
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Mama C-ta said...

Yeah, totally need to mind their own biz! I liked your response now. He's only a little over 1 year old, not like you are nursing a 5 y/o and who cares if you were! Sheesh!

Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

holli said...

Good grief, what is it with grandmother's making inappropriate and unnecessary statements?? We have one of those in our family too. Step off, Grandma!

Happy Holidays!