Friday, November 18, 2005

The least I could do...

So, I had to venture out with the Enfaddler this morning for some errands. No small feat, considering his 2nd molar (top right one) came through yesterday. He's been (understandably so...) SUPER cranky! Poor thing! His grand total now is 10 teeth! SO crazy!

We had to go to the City Parking Division office... I needed to get a Residential Parking sticker for my car, and some Guest Parking Permits for the holidays. They've been paving our parking lot at our apartments for the last week, so I've been parking on the street.

I got my tire chalked yesterday, but thank goodness I didn't get a ticket. We also had to go by our Property Management office to get a copy of our lease agreement, so I could prove I live here. Bleh. But, I also found out that for a mere $10.00 "administrative fee" I get a neat decal that allows me to park in any City Garage for 2 hours FREE! Woohoo! Meaning, that when we go to the Aquarium, I won't have to pay for Cannery Row metered parking anymore! Woohoo!

Afterwards, we went to Starbucks where I treated myself to an Eggnog Frappucino. (Who am I 3rd Frappucino this week!) While we were waiting in line, three uniformed Military people came in behind us - a girl (Airforce, I think?) and two Army guys.

There was a little bit of a traffic jam waiting to get rung up, so they started to order before I paid. The girl ordered a Grande Iced Coffee, and one of the guys ordered a Grande Coffee with a shot of espresso. I don't think the other guy ordered anything. Anyway, I had my Starbucks card, and asked Barista Dude if I could put $5.00 toward the Military people's coffee. He said sure, and held my card for a few minutes to total them up. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the girl try to pay for both coffees, while Army dude get his wallet out and started to pay for them both. The Barista Dude says, "You can put your money away, your coffee has already been taken care of."

The girl said "Why? By who?" She sounded bewildered. The Barista dude pointed over to me and Travis and said "By them."
The girl looked over at us, still a bit confused. "Thank you, so much" she said emfatically, and smiled the biggest smile at us. The other guy came up, cup in hand, and said "Thank you, that was so kind of you." He looked like he was welling up a little bit. I said "Thank you for all you do to keep us safe!" How sweet of them to thank ME, when they are the ones who do so much for us!

A small gesture, sure, but it seemed to have a tremendous impact on them. I heart our military, they rock ass!
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holli said...

Oh, that teething.. it's fun fun fun. Those homeopathic teething tablets saved our life. Have you tried those? I'm sure you have.

The whole buck story was sweet - on both sides.

Mama C-ta said...

Mmmm, eggnog frap!

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