Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Teething Hell

Sigh. These last few days have really tried my "Mommy patience". I am usually pretty unflappable. But since Sunday... color me "flapped". Is it too late for PPD? Seriously? I have just about had it. My nerves are seriously fried. The so-called "relaxing" essential oils I bought from the Body Shop aren't helping.

The baby is teething. He's already got 5 teeth... why does he need any more so soon? Especially because, lately nursing him has been painful due to one of his bottom teeth stabbing me in the exact same spot on my nipple with nearly every feeding.

And ALL he's wanted to do is nurse. ALL DAY! EVERY DAY! He's even refused what little solids he eats normally. (I always feed him breakfast, and usually dinner.) Yeah. It's been real fun. Plus, he's been super clingy, whiny, and needy. Like, good luck even trying to go potty without him screaming like it's the end of the world. Yesterday I had a migrane, and he wouldn't/couldn't nap. Even my usually fail-safe plan of laying down on the bed with him to nurse so we could both get rest was a bust. Today he
has had all but an hour of sleep ALL DAY! It is now nearly 7pm! This is NOT OK!

So, if tomorrow isn't a better day, I'm sending him to live with the gypsies. Better yet, I might run away to join them myself.

Good thing he's cute... :)


Travis today... and my Mom's double chin! :) Posted by Picasa
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Anne said...

It's just the age...believe yoj, I totally hear you. Emma was the same effing way. It'll get way better and soon...hang in there!