Friday, August 12, 2005

Mommy "me-time".

Although I try as much as possible to depart from conversations about the contents of my son's diapers... Holy Mother of God.... it was foul! Sweet potatoes, could they have caused that? I don't know.... the one I just changed leads me to believe Jeff is stuffing him full of Chicken McNuggets on the sly.

Anyway... we went to El Torito for dinner, and it rawked. Yes, I said rawked. You can commence suing the old lady now. :)

My dad came over yesterday afternoon, and hung out for awhile. He gave me a hundred bucks, so that was very nice of him. So later, I think I shall hit the Estee counter with a vegance! :) But, I need to keep myself away from Gymbo... or else that $ is going to be spent on THE MOST FREAKING ADORABLE OUTFIT with dogs on it!. I Can't stand how cute their stuff is. Ack!

I just finished nursing Travis. He's napping on the couch right now. He's been a little sleepy today... think he's going through yet another growth spurt. Must remember to drink water, so I can keep making lots of the milkies!

The other day I was sitting at the beach in my car eating lunch. Travis was asleep in his carseat.

I started a list. I am a compulsive list-maker.... I called it "28"

It's 28 things I want to do in my 28th year just for me. I realize I put myself last most of the time now that I am a mommy. So, I hope to make a little time for myself where I can. Prior to gretting pregnant I did my nails all the time, gave myself facials, never left the house without at least mascara on. I had a beauty routine, morning and evening. Wash, exfoliate, moisturize, etc. My hair always looked great. I never lapsed between coloring. I got regular trims. I blowed my hair out at least once a week. I plucked, shaved, and flossed regularly. I went to the gym. In short, I took care of myself. Now... well, now it's like a complete 180. I barely have time to brush my hair, it's never blow-dried. I throw it into a quick ponytail, and that's it. I take short showers and only shave my armpits. I wrap myself in a towel and barely dry off before attending to the baby, even if he's perfectly content with Jeff at home. Some days I don't get out of my lounge pants. Some days I don't wash my face. Some days I don't even wear deoderant. When I leave the house, I'm lucky if I remember to wear my nursing pads, let alone makeup.

So, I think these things will help me remember to take a little "me" time daily.


1. Floss/waterpik every day
2. Start painting nails & toes at least 1x/month
3. Wear makeup when I leave the house. Wear "real" clothes everyday.
4. Tweeze eyebrows weekly
6. Keep hair colored! No more grey hairs!
7. Stop always pulling hair back into a ponytail.
8. Wash face 2xs/ day
9. Moisturize after shower
10. Home pedicure once a month
11. Shave legs more often!
12. Get up at 6:00 am 3xs a week for yoga. Mon, Wed, Fri.
13. Start drinking tea everyday.
14. Walk with baby around the lake 2xs or more a week.
15. Write/journal more... either on paper or blog.
16. Meditate/breathing excercises daily. Can be only a few minutes, that's ok.
17. Make sure to drink all my water everyday
18. Remember to take vitamins & Viactives daily.
19. Breakfast everyday.
20. Get back OP with my Weight Watchers. Join the gym soon.
21. Give myself a facial once a week.
23. Look into photography courses at the communtiy college.
24. Go through all my clothes. Toss/donate/store where needed. Make room for what fits NOW. Not what might fit later...
25. Throw out old cosmetics, nail polish, etc. Organize what produts I have.
26. Get a new hair dryer.
27. Skip the computer once a week. No email, no ebay, no surfing. Go out with the baby instead. Spend nothing.
28. Find free/cheap fun stuff to do with the baby.

It won't kill the baby for me to do any of those things. In fact, I will be a happier, more relaxed mommy. That can't be anything but good for all of us.
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