Sunday, July 17, 2005

Buttcrack O' Dawn

So, I've been awake since 5:00am. Why? Don't know. I woke up around 4:30ishto pee and get my usual ice water ... and I couldn't get back to sleep. Weird. So, I nursed the baby, and came out to the livingroom for early morning interneting.

And I just put in 3 loads of laundry before the complex wakes up and decends upon the laundryroom. Ha!

The last few weekends have been busy... last weekend we went to Paramount's Great America with MIL, and SIL. It was way fun. We took turns handing off Travis so we all got to ride rollercoasters and such. The weekend before (Sat of the 4th weekend) we went Jeff, me and the baby to Raging Waters for the first time together as a family. Aww... yesterday we went to Raging Waters again. We bought the Season Pass for R.W. and the Great America season pass was free with admission. Woo hoo! :)

Tonight we're going over to Jeff's Grandmother's for dinner. Mid-afternoon-early-dinner... :)

So, I'm waiting for Tori Amos tickets to go onsale at 10am. She's playing in Concord on 9/11. Weird date, huh? So, yeah. I'm actually going to go all by myself! I am stoked! Jeff and Travis are going to hang out at MIL's up there while I go. I have NEVER been to a concert alone before! Or a movie, either. Strange huh?

So, that will be my b-day gift. I am so stoked about that!

I am anxiously awaiting my other b-day gifts (to me!) My Kitchenaid Food Processor should be here any day. I got my Super Baby Food cookbook, and can't wait to start making Travis' food with my new processor! Also bought a black Hotsling! Woo Hoo! Hopefully that will be here soon... I think it may be on backorder, though. :(

So, yeah... and this coming week some moms from my group are meeting up to iscuss a babysitting co-op. How cool is that? I really wanna join the gym... and maybe take a yoga class so that would be good... to trade hours, and stuff.

Also, this site is amazing!!!

That's it for now... yawn.
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Kaylis and Gavin Hansen said...

Hey just browsing... how old is your baby? I have a 7 month old.. anywho I'll keep reading your blog...