Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm back...

I've had no time for bloggin' lately...

I had a stupid little cold all last week. Jeff got it too. It was enough to kick my butt, but not enough to do full-blown damage. Travis had a runny nose for like a day, and that was it. A big Woo Hoo for breastfeeding antibodies! :)

Every one of the weekends since our trip have been family stuff... water park, amusement park, MIL's house, Jeff's Grandma's, etc.

I just want to do NOTHING this weekend! Stay home, and clean up the apartment togeether. It is unbelievably messy right now... I have like 6 loads of laundry to be folded, and a sink of dishes that needs to be pre-washed and loaded into the dishwasher... I'm sure I'll get to some of that tonight. The bathrooms and kitchen need a top to bottom, and the whole apartment needs to be vacuumed. Trash and recycling need to go out... it's truely a sight.... but I can't get a lot done with the baby... when he naps, I need one too sometimes, or at least a breather.

I am 3/4 of the way through my coursework for my measly 5 credits... then I will finally be a high-school graduate. Better 10 years late than never! :)

I just got done with The House on Mango Street for my class. I picked it up yesterday morning. I am already done with the study guide. I am going to take the end of book test tomorrow. Then I need to watch a film (West Side Story) and do a 5 page essay. No big deal. I do need to get it done before Aug. 13th to avoid taking the exit exam. That's the new requirement. That would suck ass, as I do not like math one little bit.

So, I have been busy... and Travis has two new teeth. Still not crawling yet... I think he's just lazy. Ha!

I'm getting a new Hotsling. :) It's purdy. The black one didn't fit right, so I exchanged it, and should get it soon I hope!
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Rachael said...

Just love those teethers :)