Saturday, May 14, 2005

Shopping Saturday!

Ahhh... nice day today. I am SO tired. I walked all over today with Travis in the sling.
Yesterday night my dad came over for a bit, and hung out with me & Trvais before Jeff got home. Then Jeff got home and we left to do our usual Friday night Costco/Ralph's shopping. My dad wanted to come with us to Costco, so he followed us there. As I was getting the diaperbag ready to leave he comes up to me and puts a bunch of rolled-up 20s in my hand. He says the money is to help with the Costco trip, and smiles. I quickly flipped through, and realized he'd given me $200. I protested that he couldn't do that, and tried to give him the money back. He's so funny... he did the Eric Cartman thing: "I do what I want!"

I told him thank you, and he said if it makes me feel better, that it's Travis' money, and that I should spend it for him.

How sweet is that?

So we went to Costco, and shopped, and bought Daddy a rotisserie chicken for dinner and also one for us. Travis fell asleep in his sling. Everyone was looking at him and smiling, cause he's SO CUTE! While I was getting into line, one of the employees came up and asked where I got my sling. Then we said bye to my dad and went and did our other shopping.

Then we came home, and had some Newcastle, and ate chicken and watched Numbers, and chilled. We decided to go shopping at Old Navy, and the outlets for clothes for us and The Boy.

Saturday morning I got up early while Jeff and the baby were still asleep and did laundry. Then I made breakfast and coffee.

We came, we SHOPPED! We conquered! We went to Old Navy and bought Travis 2 hats, and swim shorts, and lounge-pants, and a flag shirt, and flag bodysuit also T for me (for only 99 cents!) and another top for me. We went to Hallmark - bought all 4 of the new 4th of July beanies, JC Penney - bought 6 nice dressier shirts for Jeff (only $7.00 each marked down from $35 each!) We went to the Gilroy outlets and went to Carter's - bought Travis 2 new footed jammies. We went to Osh Kosh and bought him a cute green striped romper with an alligator on it, and new socks. We went to Children's Place (didn't get anything) and had lunch.

Jeff went to BevMo while I nursed Travis, and then I went to Lane Bryant while Jeff took Travis (in the sling!!!! for the first time EVER!) to Barnes & Noble.

When we met up again, Jeff told me that Travis looked up from the tummy to tummy hold in the sling, and expected to see me. He was so suprrised daddy was holding him in the sling he started cracking up! Sweet baby! It's the first time he's laughed because he THOUGHT something was funny, not because we made him laugh.

Then we went to Tarjay and bought stuff off of Hailey's registry for her birthday party tomorrow. It took forever to find the clothes, the SKU is different for each size, and everything ounds the same, but is totally different. I hate figuring stuff like that out.... so we got her two cute tanks, and shorts, and Crayola bath paint, bath crayons, and other toys for the bath. We got Travis some Roll-a-balls.

Then we left Target, and drove home. We got take-out Chinese for dinner. Yum! Whew! That was a lot of shopping! Going to go sleep now...
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Anne said...

Damn. I call it a good shopping trip if I manage to get all the things I need at one store. But then, I remember the free-wheelin' days with only one child too. Double good on you!