Thursday, May 12, 2005

6 month old chomping boy!

Travis has his first tooth pop through Monday! He thinks Mommy is a teething ring, which is Not Acceptable. We went to our first LLL meeting last night, which proved to be very informative. Also, it proved to be VERY loud, with numerous toddlers running around making a racket. The Boy was the youngest there by 5 or so months. Most of the kiddos were in the 12-18 month range. Although I do no plan on nursing much past a year, I admire those who do it for so long. I bought a new sling there, too. It's black with a batik ivory bamboo pattern. It's less bulky than my Over the Shoulder Baby Holder, and therefor better suited for the warmer weather. Next month we are headed to my family reunion in Wyoming. God knows how hot it will be there... hopefully the sling will work then, since we will be flying sans stroller.

This afternoon we have Mom's Group. Afterwards I will probably go to the mall and walk with The Boy, or Target to get a b-day gift for Hailey (Jeff & my God Daughter) who just turned 2.

Gonna go nurse The Boy now, and make some tea for me.
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