Thursday, April 21, 2005

Week redux

Baby Boy is asleep right now on the couch. I was able to sneak away for a moment to update. It's been a rather uneventful week... we gave Travis applesauce for the first time on Monday. He liked/hated it. He ate it all but made faces the whole time. We gave him some more last night, same thing.

Monday I went to the Lancome counter and did some damage... I needed new foundation and concealer. Photôgenic foundation and Maquicomplet concealer set me back about $65.00. It's worth it though, and I haven't bought makeup besides Estee mascara since before I was preggo.

Tuesday I went out to lunch with my mom, and to Farmer's Market. Then I went to Jeff's office with T.J. and fell asleep on his insanely comfy leather loveseat with the Boy.

Wednesday... I really just cleaned all morning and then Jeff's Grandma came over for about an hour.

I love her, but she drives me nuts with her comments... "You should really..." or "You shouldn't..." (fill in the blank.) Ugh. I parent the way that works best for us. I really just smile and mention pointed facts like "No, he is really STILL supposed to be nursing. Solids are just being introduced, they are not a main part of his diet." and "I DO let him play by himself on his playmat. I DON'T hold him 24 hours a day." It's just silly.

Yesterday I can't really remember much that matters.

Today we had Parent's Place, and I took his carseat to the carseat checker lady. She fixed the wobbly porblem I was having, and moved it to the center of the backseat. (I could NOT get it to work that way! She needed two pool noodles to stabilize it.)

So, yeah, that's about it. I lost another pound so far this week, bringing my 3 week grand total to 10 lbs down. Woohoo!

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