Thursday, April 21, 2005


Well, I'm trying slowly to break Travis from his "mommy only" phase. Since the carseat is now in the middle of the backseat, no more of me sitting back there. We got a nifty baby-viewer mirror so we can see what he's doing. Also, trying to keep him from sleeping in my arms all the time. It's hard, but needed for sanity's sake.

Otherwise I can't get squat done!

Anyway... that's about it.

Going to celebrate belated-Easter at Jeff's Grandma's house. I'm bringing my world famous Carrot Cake. I made it two years ago, and everyone still talks about it like they just had some yesterday. His Grandma has asked several times (including calling yesterday) to make sure I'm bringing "The Cake". Buncha junkies... :)
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