Sunday, April 17, 2005

Human Pacifier

My darling sweet baby boy is going through this PHASE right now... you see... he only wants ME. From morning until night. Yes, only ME. And when he has ME, he only wants... For the love of GOD...I have no clue what he wants sometimes!

He cries when I put him down to do ANYTHING! Including going to the bathroom. He cried yesterday in San Francisco whenever we'd put him in the stroller, or Heaven forbid Grandma (Jeff's mom) tried to hold him. He REALLY screamed then. MMHMM. And SO totally freaked those poor gay fellows out at the dessert place in the Castro last night. Yes, indeed. ( No you heard me correctly, oh, yeah... those Queer Eyes know how to make a mean chocolate caramel cream custard served in a white and dark chocolate tulip- shaped bowl. Heaven!) So, yeah. I carried and nursed him in the sling for 7 hours yesterday. In Sephora, and Amoeba records, and the freaking huge Old Navy where we all love to shop. He slept a bit. But mostly not. Yes.... and right now, he's pitifully whimpering in the swing. (Jeff and James escaped to a Queens of the Stone Age concert in Santa Cruz tonight.)

So that's been my last week in a nutshell. Yes, that about sums it up nicely.

Going to go now, my little one needs me. Please tell me this too shall pass.


I've lost 4 more pounds this week bringing two-week grand total to 9 lbs down. Will update weight loss ticker later.

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