Thursday, March 24, 2005

Woah!! For the first time in days I can add an entry!!! Wooohoo!!

We just got back from my my Moms Group/Playgroup. I cheated and got Chicken Nuggets, fries and a hot fudge sundae at McD's. I had an unsweetened iced tea though! It was the first time I had fast food in forever! I even ate my sundae first... so I'm REALLY bad!

But,it's been a long day.... I brought Travis into the shower after I was done this morning, and gave him a good washing. Then I had some waffles, and we left the house for the massage class this morning at about 11:00am. We took it about a month ago, but he's much more alert now... he loved it!

We got his spring/Easter pictures! Simply adorable! See?

Anything else? Oh, we still haven't installed his new car seat, because it's been pouring here the last few days!

I'll try to do it myself later, though... I hope it's not too hard!
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