Thursday, January 13, 2005


think Pod People have abducted my sweet little baby boy. For the last few days, it's if he's been replaced with the cranky-butt fussy monster. Poor thing.... sigh. I try not to take it personally... not when I go to feed him and even though he's obviously hungry, he screams when my nipple enters his mouth. Not when I sing to him, cradle, rock, jiggle, and sway with him and it still doesn't help to calm him. Not his swing, or the mobile, or music, or swaddling, patting his back... or anything I try... I know he's sleepy, cause he's rubbing his eyes and clawing at his face and ears, but he won't go down for love or money.

I wonder what's going on? It started out being only in the evenings, and today escalated to most of the morning. Thankfully, for the last hour he's been asleep in his swing. And an hour or so in my arms... I was terrified to put him down once he finally drifted off... for fear he would wake up again and the cycle would start over. What finally worked, you ask?

The "Growing Minds with Music" 3 cd set Jeff's dad sent him... on the Nature Sounds CD, there's a tarck called "Mother's Sound" it's a pretty song, instrumental, interspersed with a mother's heartbeat. Immediately after putting that song on, he started nursing... he was asleep within 5 minutes... wow! Looks like I've found the secret weapon!
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