Sunday, January 09, 2005

2 months down....

Travis turned 2 months old Friday. Ahhh... my aching body! Seriously... no one tells you that the most stress on your joints isn't pregnancy, nope, it's not even labor and delivery... no way. It's the first few months of carrying that new little booger around everywhere. Mu little booger is pushing 14 pounds right now, and every muscle in my body feels it. Of course, starting off with bilateral Carpal Tunnel doesn't help matters any...

Yes, I have the Bjorn-type carrier (he hates it!) and the sling (a little better for him, but still reaks havok on my shoulders) I have two types of breastfeeding pillows (a custom-made "Boppy" type, and a My Brest Friend - wtf is up with the name on that one??!) but breastfeeding 8-10+ times a day combined with the constant holding, carrying, swaying, bouncing, squatting, and the picking up and putting down motion, not to mention carrying his carseat up 14 stairs to our apartment... well, that's all just a pain in my achy arms, shoulders, back and neck.

Of course, he's worth every snap, crackle and pop in my poor bones, though!

On another front, we got his crib assembled last night. (Not that he's going anywhere yet... except for naps we still want him to sleep in bed with us for a bit...) And we put the Winnie the Pooh Mural in Minutes up on his wall. Even the mobile is installed. (But, I had to PUT IT TOGETHER!!!) What's with that cheap-ass "Made in China" stuff anyway? It's beginning to look more like a baby's room and less like a storage facility.

Travis has decided he won't drink my pumped milk from the bottle again.... sigh. And he is beginning to not like his swing while he's awake... don't know why... it looks SO comfy. He sit there and whimpers these little fake- cries fussy little things, and then eventually the real cries appear, and continue until he is scooped up and into our lovin' (sore) arms.

Umm... yeah, that's about it... oh, yeah... we finally got our DVDs unpacked. We moved in here oh.. the 25th of October... so that's a new World Record in lameness. Our CDs are still packed, though... we're obviously taking it one day at a time...

Going to do 16 loads of laundry soon.(You THINK I'm kidding?)
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