Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Here's milk in your eye!

I put Travis in the sling for the first time this morning. He's been sleeping for a couple of hours in it. I am going to wake him soon to feed him. He only woke up once last night, at 3:30am. I woke him up at 7:30am to feed and change him.

On one hand it's wonderful, because I can sleep. On the other hand, I am afraid my milk supply is going to diminish because of it. Last night, I read in Dr. Sears' book to use the sling as much as possible, and to wake him every two hours during the day to feed. That way, my milk production will hopefully stay up there.

OMG, the funniest thing... when I go to feed him (when my boobs are full to the brim) I squirt him in the eye with my milk! It just flies across the room! I can't control it! Like the fountains at the Bellagio, or something! He looks at me like, "Mommy, why the hell did you do that??!" It's adorable! I have started expressing just a bit of milk before putting him to the breast to avoid that, and to help him latch on. Otherwise, it's just flowing into his mouth, and he gets too much, and doesn't have to work at it.

He started spitting up occasionally. I have since found a better way to burp him, by holding him kinda hunched over the heel of my hand and rubbing his back. I usually get good burps that way. Patting his back doesn't always work, and this is the best way I've found.

I want to pick up the house a bit... Jeff's Grandmother is supposed to come by later to see Travis, and I want the house to look pulled together.

It's actually a LOT cleaner than I thought we'd be able to keep it, with a newborn in the house... but I want to make my bed, pick up the living room and kitchen, and empty the bathroom trash. Jeff already loaded the dishwasher before his 8:0am meeting, and took out the trash and recycling. I folded the weekend laundry yesterday... but we need to do more wash tonight. I do miss having my own washer and dryer... but it's not so bad, I guess, since we can do more than one load at a time. Jeff has actually begun laundry duty...what a wonderful man! I didn't even have to ask him! He's been so good about picking up the household chores.

Well, going to feed my baby boy now, and pick up a little... see ya.

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