Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Ticking down

AAH! Travis is causing seismic activity in my tummy again! I feel this BOOM! And then the side of my stomach jumps a few inches. He keeps doing it. It's very cute. Sometimes he's positioned right under my rib and it tickles and hurts at the same time. Giggle, OUCH! Giggle, OUCH! That's about how it goes.

It's been HOT here the last 5 days. 80's and 90's, and for us it's unusual.

We found a new place to live! A 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo in Monterey! With a POOL! It's upstairs like we wanted, and in a nice area. The bedrooms connect to the back balcony, the master by a regular door (but with screened in slats at the top to let in air but no bugs) and the smaller bedroom by a sliding glass door. We think we can do the Sat dish with a tripod so we can keep TiVo! The only downside is that kitchen is smallish, and doesn't have a dishwasher, but that's easily doable. Also, the stove and oven use GAS! I love gas stoves!

The living area is nice sized, and I think we'll be perfectly happy there. Just Jeff, and me and Travis.

I got a bunch of baby clothes from a girlfriend of mine, and a basinette. It's cute!

We spent this weekend doing yard work in the unbearable heat, and stuff we don't like doing. Yesterday we went to Toby & Julia's for a bbq, and just hung out with them and the baby (well, Hailey is almost 1 1/2 now... more like a toddler....) It was very nice.

My husband is the sweetest man ever! Last night we were watching CSI, and I was sitting on my recliner with my feet up. Jeff got up from the couch and kissed my poor swollen ankles. It was so sweet and cute, it brought tears to my eyes! I love that man!

I'm off today (it's Tuesday) and E. is in Japan, so work this week will be easier with no patients. Just lots of filing a nd paperwork to catch up on. And then next week, and I'm done!


It's hard to believe that we'll be moving and having our baby boy so soon! Wow.

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