Thursday, August 12, 2004

Birthday, rebirthday?

For those who are interested, my birthday was just loverly. Thanks for asking! :)

I worked (but only from 8am-1pm) no biggie, that's my regular Monday & Wednesday schedule. I drove myself into work because Jeff had a later meeting and it didn't necessitate him going in at 8:00am. I stopped at Starbucks and got a celebratory (Half-Caf) Caramel Macchiato.

One of my delightful patients (she's in her 50s and from Sweden and she's hysterical, really I just love her! ) gave me $10.00 to buy a Quick Pick... alas, not I nor anyone else in CA won that 30 MILLLION DOLLAR JACKPOT. (That's an insane amount of money, really.... but if I won, of course I would NOT complain!)

After work and my birthday Chiro adjustment Jeff picked me up. He gave me his b-day card, and a new charm for my Italian Charm Watch (a blue baby carriage!) and I read the cards from my Gramma, and my mom (which was very sweet and heartfelt, and I teared up a bit.) We decided I should call my mom before dinner and let her know she is going to be a Grandmother.

Then we went to our favorite taqueria for my birthday lunch.

We had the usual (off menu) Chicken Quesadilla (shared) and a Chicken Belize Wrap each. MMM!!!! SO good! It's spicy and tropical with this insanely good seasoned chicken, pineapple, and there are bell peppers, cabbage, pureed black beans and wild rice, along with this DELICIOUS sauce! Also, they have no less than 4 fresh salsas at a time. I had Tomatillo Avacado and the house salsa fresca and housemade chips. Yum! Jeff had the same with fire roasted Habanaro salsa. (I call it orange death!)

Afterwards we went shopping at Macy's here in Monterey. I was originally looking for a reversable grill-pan and skillet combination. They didn't have one. So we left empty-handed. We went home for a few, changed clothes and went to Salinas to Costco, Macys, TCP, and Bed Bath and Beyond.

We bought three adorable Carters outfits for Travis at Costco, and a Carters Sleepsack.

We went to Macys and said grill-pan and skillet was in stock, althogh GIANT, and more like a griddle than a skillet(yes there IS a difference!) so we passed.

We went to Bed Bath and Beyond, and they only had a tiny skillet, and nothing like what I was looking for. So, I left with a new black Kitchenaid Blender instead. It's SO purdyful! It is enjoying its new home next to my Kitchenaid Mixer. I had a 20% off coupon so it was $85.00 (after tax) instead of $100.00 before tax. AND they have a $20.00 rebate thing I can mail in too!

After all that we went home, and I called my mom. After talking about general things for about 20 minutes, I waited for a pause in the conversation. I took a deep breath and said "I have some good news" she said "What kind of good news" By now I was tearing up, and glanced over at Jeff who was on the couch observing the situation. "You're going to be a grandmother!" I said, my voice breaking and tears flowing down my cheeks. "Really??" she asked, obvious that she started crying too. "When?"

"November" I told her. She kind of laughed and asked "When were you going to call me?" I said "We were waiting to make sure this one stuck" She asked me if I had had problems, and I told her about the miscarriage in December. She said something like "That's really a heavy thing." and I agreed that it was very hard, but we'd gotten through it.

Then I head her tell my brother he's going to be an uncle(he's 23 and I haven't seen him in at least 4 years)

I heard him go "Holy..." and taper off, completely shocked. I said, "I'm sorry mom, I didn't hear the second part of that", and we laughed. I found out my OB GYN delivered my brother. My mom was shocked to find out he was still practicing. It was a good phone call. We're going to have lunch next week. That should be pretty crazy. :)

Jeff and I went out to dinner at Monterey's Fish House and it was YUMMY! In fact, I am going to have leftover Prawn Scampi Pasta for lunch right now

See ya!:)

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