Friday, July 23, 2004


Tomorrow!!! :) We're going to see our baby tomorrow!!! Our 4D Ultrasound is set for noon! Best of all, we should find out whether we're having a Travis or an Ashley!

Then we're going shopping! Woo hoo!! We're buying the Kolcraft Universal car seat stroller thingie and the Latch Loc car seat. And clothes!! :) In girly pink or boyish blue!! Not neutral yellow, green, and white or ecru!!

I cannot wait!!! Jeff & I are absolutely giddy with excitement!! It is finally starting to feel real!! I use so many exclaimation points!!!!

Ahh. Well, hopefully this will be the last night of not knowing. Then we will be able to refer to our baby by name and not just "the baby" or "our baby" or "the muffin."

That will rock!

Going to go eat ice cream now. Mmm. Dryers nestle Toll House Cookie Swirl... mmm.

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