Thursday, February 26, 2004


I have had to pee all day. I am having crampy, pulling sensations in my lower abdomen all day. I am almost a week away from being able to take a pregnancy test. I am crazy.
Well, not that crazy. Crazy is my husband and his best friend strapping our bed (it started squeaking and it's only a year old) atop a Chevy Suburban in the rain (it's almost 8:00pm right now) and going to Costco to return it and get a new bed. (Also strapping it atop said Suburban in the rain)
Why crazy? Well, because this Chevy's registration expired in October 2003. It's not my husband's friend's car. No, he didn't steal it. (He gave up GTA for Lent...) He is trying to sell it for a friend of his bosses. But, you see... the registered owner died a few months back. So imagine, if you would, how difficult this scenario would be to digest if you were say... the policeman who pulled them over?
"Registration please?"
"Um, yes... but I have to explain something to you first officer... "
I just hope they make home without incident.
I'm going to go finish making pasta now.
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