Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Gettin' fat on Fat Tuesday!

Happy Mardi Gras! Mmm...chocolate. I've taken some good advice. Today I've had many Dove heart shaped chocolates, and about three huge spoonfuls of Dreyers Double Fudge Brownie ice cream. Must stop now! :)
Also I drove to the beach and took 100 pictures of the ocean, and seagulls, and such with my nifty digital camera.
The weather started off drizzling, but quickly turned sunny and warm. It was nice and cathartic, actually. Plus, I chased the gulls a bit to make them take flight for my photos. That was fun. There were tiny baby gulls too! They are so cute! Too bad when they grow up, they turn into discusting scavangers. But, they add to the ambiance of the seaside, I suppose.
The other things I have done today are:
Made lovin' this morning with my hubby.
(Note to spermies: Swim damn you, swim!!!)
About 3 loads of laundry, which I must soon fold
Illegally downloaded music
Surfed eBay
Watched 4 Tivod episodes of a Baby Story, and stuff from Food Network.
Ate breakfast (Raisin Bran Crunch!) which I rarely do, but if I am preggers, I must start again.
Ate lunch, leftover dinner from last night, Pasta shells with pork sausage and motzerella tomato cream sauce.... mmm. Artery clogging goodness!
Chocolate (see above)
Loaded the dishwasher, and started dishes
Ate a bag of super butter popcorn
Engaged in an embarrasing amount of playing this game
That's all... A not-so-productive day off... full of caloric intake, and tv to rot my brain. Mmhmm. Back to work tomorrow.
Well, I suppose I will go and fold laundry now. Bye.
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