Thursday, April 09, 2009

1 year....

Ashley is 1 year old!!! It's crazy! We had our 12 month Pediatric visit yesterday. She is 17 lbs, 4 oz, and 29 inches long. Travis was her size at 5 months!! But, he also din't crawl or walk anywhere near as early as she has.

She is my sweet littles... and depending on the brand, she can still wear 0-3 onesie-type things, or 9-12 month type things - with varying degrees of hugeness on her, depending on if she's wearing cloth vs. disposable diper. She's still in the Medium Fuzzibunz, and the one-size pockets I got her are snapped at the smallest size for the waist, and the second smallest for the leg (so she can walk around without chafting.)

During our Doc visit, she walked around the room, climbed up repeatedly on the step to get onto the exam table, tried to pull herself completely onto an adult-sized chair (and nearly did it!) She literally would not stop moving for a second! Dr. H remarked he felt sorry for me for having to try and keep up with her. LOL! So, yeah.... this is why she's so petite... she burns of 87,000,000 calories a day getting into mischief.

She also loves all things carbs. My child? Yes!! She eats Trader Joes Os like they are going outta style. Crackers, Os, Puffs, Bananas, Bread, and most recently, croissants, all top the list of things she will eat without much of a fuss.

Dairy is really iffy... causing havoc at times with her... Although I made her a grilled cheese the other night (Deceptively Delicious Style) but on a croissant (cause I realized I bought the nut-filled bread)and she ate it up without too much issue to her system, besides being a little gassier than usual. Fruits (besides bananas) and veggies are tough to get her to eat these days. So it looks like I am going to have to resort to some sneaky tactics in addition to offering her the actual fruit.

She says: "mama" "dada" "brother" "cracker" "yeah!yeah!yeah!" "yaya" (water)
She also signs "diaper change" "more" "Ohs" (thumb and pointer to make an O) "bird" "milk" "eat" and waves bye-bye, last time we went to the Aquarium, she made the fish sign after only being shown a couple of times.

It's still hard to believe my little Buttercup of Love is 1!
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