Monday, March 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday...

I know I have long been slacking on the menu plan posting... and actually over-all on some weight-loss front stuff. I am still losing weight here and there... it has tapered off considerably... because I can't yet get much walking in with the two crazy kiddos. But, I am okay with that. Almost all my clothes are too big again... and my pants are always falling off my ass. Hubby says I just need a belt, heh.

I have been doing smoothies for breakfast lately. I like them, they are quick, easily customized, and even T likes them... oblivious that his oft-protested Children's DHA is cleverly blended in among the frozen blueberries, strawberries and bananas and yogurt. (The oil is strawberry flavored - and although I can taste it, I am not bothered by it.)

So... this week's menu follows... heavily influenced by the arrival of my new Everyday Food Magazine. I just lurve that mag... I have been getting it since they started... and Martha never disappoints!

Quick chicken Pad Thai (from America's Test Kitchen Fresh & Fast recipe cards 2007)
stir-fried broccoli

Broccoli, tomato, and mozzarella Stromboli *


Chicken and also Asparagus, leek & gruyere quiche**

Thursday: Pasta & salad

Friday:either take-out or leftovers... Sunday is Jeff's b-day, and I will be making him his favorite 4-layer German Chocolate cake Friday to take up to his mom's on Saturday to celebrate. (Perhaps I will type up the recipe - I use Rosine's recipe from their cookbook. which is amazing... I have gone through 3 copies of it in the last 15 years.)

Misc days: Carrot-Ginger smoothies (breakfast)

* make pizza dough for strombolis using whole wheat flour

** make pie crust
for quiche with whole wheat pastry flour - does it make me a total geek that I am disappointed I don't get to blind bake the shell and use my pie weights?
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Nellie said...

Yes! You're a geek. But, it's cool to me! ;0) I'm putting the quiche on our list of "to trys!"