Thursday, October 23, 2008


I found this meme on Whimsy Love

I am: A "good enough" mother, wife, person. Most certainly, still a work in progress...
I think: I am ready for this damned election to be over with...
I know: I deserve to be happy.
I have: Two beautiful children
I wish: There were more hours in the day, and during those hours I had my hands free...
I hate: My jiggly bits, poor spelling and grammar, hominy, and capers.
I miss: Alone time
I fear: Something happening to my kids
I hear: my iPod on shuffle
I smell: Gingerbread Waffles from earlier
I crave: Really good chocolate, and the time and ability to actually knit
I search: for my keys, shoes, wallet... constantly
I wonder: Where Ashley's other Robeez ever ended up?
I regret: Large parts of my childhood, and not traveling more before having kids.
I love: My family
I ache: Because I have two kids, and need to see the chiropractor!
I am not: Perfect. Or, even remotely close...
I believe: I am loved very much.
I dance: With my kids, but need to do it more often.
I sing: Often
I cry: Occasionally...but when I do, I really let it out
I fight: Mostly internal battles
I win: Small victories each day
I lose: My keys, cell phone, I am constantly losing something!
I never: Exercise... and I need to start!
I always: Buckle my seat belt, buy REAL butter, get lost while driving...
I confuse: Just about everyone, I am a mystery wrapped in an enigma! ;)
I listen: to music, to my baby breathing, for things that go bump in the night
I can usually be found: With the laptop, holding my baby girl... oh, and barefoot.
I am scared: Of failing my kids as a mother.
I need: A vacation!
I am happy about: Our new home!
I imagine: The glorious day when Travis is in school for many hours per day!
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Rachael Grotegut said...

I loved this! I may have to steal it for my blog. I too ALWAYS buy real butter :) then I never exercise to lose the weight from eating that butter too!