Friday, September 05, 2008

Growing up fast!

I realize it's been a veeery long while since I updated/bragged about Travis. It's much easier to get lost in the day to day obnoxious stuff, and focus on that instead of the good stuff.

Travis is a smart kiddo. He just acts like a jackass sometimes. But, he IS only 3. Well 4 in two months, but still. I need to remember to be more patient with him on a daily basis. It's just when he willfully ignores me, it drives me effing bonkers!

Anyway... he knows his alphabet, and his letters by sight. He can count to 20 in English, and 10 in Spanish. He knows his colors, and shapes, including trapezoid, octagon, oval and rectangle.

He sings songs, by memory, even without musical accompaniment. This kid has a real ear for music. I'd be surprised if he didn't play an instrument later in life.

He knows all of our names, first and last, and my cell number (sung to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle").

He can tell a tapir from a pygmy marmoset, from a 3-toed sloth. He can identify a spectacle bear, red eyed tree frog, and a maned wolf.(Thanks Diego!)

He knows who the president is currently, and knows John McCain, and Barack Obama when he sees them on t.v. He knows the California Flag, "America's Flag" and our city flag by sight. he knows we live in ____, California.

I get a spontaneous "I love you mommy!" throughout the day. <3

He's an amazing big brother to his baby sister. Every morning he greets her with kisses and hugs. He gives her toys, turns on the music on the bouncer for her, lets me know when she spits up while I am driving.

Everyday, I am amazed. My baby boy... now getting all grown up.... soon to be starting school. It's insane! We actually have long conversations... conversations where he "gets" everything I am saying.

The same boy I worried had delayed speech didn't crawl til 11 months, and didn't walk until he was over a year old now never shuts up, and climbs to the top of the slide at the park.

Now, if we could just get him to stop crapping his pants, we'd be golden!
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