Thursday, July 10, 2008


I love the local resale kid's store... every once in awhile I just score some real gems. And, for CHEAP! I got Ashley a pair of Cade & Co. soft shoes, barely worn for $5.00. They are really cute, too. I am soooo tired of losing socks, and these fit her perfectly. They retail for $38.00 and these are nearly-new! Also, a Gymboree Hawaiian shirt in Travis' size, like he used to have when he was a baby. $3.00. And, also closet dividers that I bought before on for $8.00new in the package for a buck! So, under $10.00 total - how much does that rawk?!
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Rachael said...

That does rock! Man I wish we had good second hand stores out here. It seems like its all trash. I love Cade & Co. Keaton has outgrown all his soft shoes and I am so sad. I need a new baby.