Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I apologize for my lack of blog-age lately... Jeff's dad & step-mom were in from NH Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. We had a nice visit... eating great food (I gained 2 pounds!) and playing tourist in our own town. We went to the Aquarium, did 17 Mile Drive, and generally just hung out. They brought so many gifts for the kiddos... Travis is in Diego heaven. They brought clothes for the baby and Travis,(yay, bigger sizes for later!) books, etc.

We were sad to see them leave, wishing they lived closer, like Los Angeles vs. East Coast... one of these days we'll make the trip out there.

Saturday we went grocery shopping, and had dinner at Jeff's Grandma's. On Sunday afternoon, we went to Jeff's business partner's house to help break in their new margarita machine and barbecue. They have a little boy around Travis' age, and they had a great time, laying with the hose, and toys, and generally being hooligans.

Ashley is still being a big old cranky-pants. Her fussing seems to be getting better & worse... it's spread out more throughout the day, and less crazy most nights.

I am still getting nothing done.... occasionally the dishwasher gets emptied, and I am managing dinner most nights, but that is abut the extent on my domestic abilities at the moment.

I can't knit one-handed... but I did manage to post-process and crop a good amount of photos to have printed.

Travis continues to amaze me daily. His vocabulary astounds me at times... as well as his ability to put together 6-8 word sentences. And, he is stringing thoughts together. He has an opinion about everything... just now when I put on a Tivod episode of Little Einsteins he said: "I can't like that show either! I just watched it earlier! I can't watch THAT! I want to watch Super Why!"

Um, ok.

He knows he shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. He sings songs, from Justin Timberlake to The Wiggles. He loves all music. He LOVES the Gypsy Kings.

"The Gypsy Kings are singing in SPANISH!" "Diego speaks SPANISH too!"

He'll say "Hola, Mommy!" and can count to 10 in Spanish. He says "Gracias" to the ladies at Chipotle, and I really am glad he's picking up the language. We just got the Rosetta Stone software (from only slightly less than legal means) - and I really want to learn as well.

My little man is getting so big. He's socially engaging, empathetic toward others, and overall very sweet. Don't get me wrong, he drives me bonkers a lot of the time (daily) but, I know a lot of it is because he's bored here. He wants social interaction, challenges, etc.

Beginning next week, I really plan on focusing a lot more on the potty issue. I really want him to be able to start a pre-school program in the fall... and he has to be using the potty before then.

So, that's about it. Oh, I am taking Ashley to the doctor for a weight check today. Also, I have an appointment tomorrow with a cardiologist to check me out. My blood pressure went back up after I had Ashley, so we need to look into things. I am hoping to change meds, to something even less-likely to enter my breastmilk.

Also, tomorrow, some of the moms from our Parent's Place class are hosting a belated "Baby Sprinkle" Brunch for Ashley & me. That should be nice... thinking back, we never had any sort of shower for Travis. Anyway... I will try and be better about the updates.

One last thing. I baked these Oatmeal-Raisin bars last night and they kick ass. If you like Oatmeal Raisin cookies, these are right up your alley. I may or may not have had one or two for breakfast this morning with a glass of milk.
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