Monday, May 12, 2008


I was up entirely too early this morning with Little Miss Crankypants. I went back to sleep after Jeff left at 6-something , though... We just got up a little after 9:00. Travis had no nap yesterday, so he slept in. Yay!

Right now he is sitting on the potty with a book. He did pee on the potty on Saturday morning. He woke up dry, and i asked him if he wanted to try and go. He agreed, and after about 10 minutes of reading books, he peed! :)

I have my Postpartum check-up at 10:00am today. Hopefully everything healed well... and hopefully my blood pressure is okay. Last visit (2 weeks post-partum) my BP was still high. I had rushed to my appointment very, very late... so maybe that had something to do with it. He wanted me to go back on my bp meds... which after reading up online... I opted not to do. Alhough it's a generally safe medication, it transfers through breastmilk... and can cause low blood pressure, and apnea, especially in babies under 1 month old. so, if it's high today... I will resume taking it... reluctantly, but at least Ashley is over the 1 month mark now.

I guess we will see...
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