Friday, May 02, 2008

The "C" word...

Ashley is doing well. She's really a laid-back, chill, happy baby. All day long, she snuggles, nurses, hangs out in the sling, or in my arms,and generally doesn't complain about anything. Each night, however - right around 8:00pm like clockwork, it's like she turns into a completely different baby. Crying, sobbing, freaking out, lower lip quivering, truly heartbreaking stuff. Like she's in pain. Seriously, I have been in tears myself the last couple of nights.

Nothing reliably helps... not rocking, swinging, swaddling, nursing, shushing, burping, bouncing, driving in the car, nothing. But for nearly 2 weeks, for 2-3 hours a night, I spend them alternating nearly every one of the above for the entire duration of her freak-out. Then, suddenly, as quickly as it started, it's over. By then, I am an emotional wreck. Last night I bounced with her on the yoga ball for almost 2 hours. Her total cry-time clocked in at right around 3 hours. We've tried the Hylands Colic tablets, and they work somtimes. I did buy some Baby Bliss Gripe water at Whole Paycheck today... so i guess we'll try that tonight.

I also talked to a La Leche League leader today... she recommended that I eliminate dairy and see what happens. It's going to be hard, because I've always had a lot of milk and cheese in my diet. Also, dairy takes 3 weeks to work it's way out of your system completely. I bought some digestive tea, at the suggestion of an herbalist/supplement specialist, and she also suggested a digestive enzyme. These things certainly can't hurt... but I sure hope something helps, and soon!
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Rachael said...

Oh girl I am so sorry. What a rough time. Have you tried gas drops? We used to just give them to Keaton after every feeding cause the boy had serious gas issues.
Also Gavin was a crying mess for the first 2 months of his life because of reflux. When we finally solved the issue and got him on prevacid he was a totally different baby.
I hope you figure this out soon!

Rambling On said...

My son did the same thing right around 7 weeks and it was baffling. I tried everything, lost my mind in the meantime, and the only thing that "Seemed" to help was Mylicon gas drops. I think it may have just been a phase, but maybe it was gas. Who knows? It did pass though and it was short lived. I do remember that. Stick with it. My friends used the vacuum cleaner as a lull and that helped their child. Its worth a try. By the way, yes she is scrumptious! You can also read me at Heather