Monday, February 04, 2008


Well, after yesterday's ALL DAY puke-fest... Travis is seemingly better. Absence of vomit = better in my book.

He only ate a total of 5 grapes yesterday - and not until 6:00-ish pm, and also a waffle at like 10:30 pm last night. Well, the grapes stayed down.

Today? Vanilla yogurt, water for breakfast. He wanted his usual blueberry as well, but I nixed that idea. Just in case.

He also had a few tenative sips of the milk from my Raisin Bran.

Lunch: 1 Cheese stick - cut into bits, to mask the fact that it was only 1 cheese stick, and not his usual 2. 6 grapes, cut into little pices to mask the fact that there were only 6 grapes on his plate, and a pouch of Trader Joe's Cheese crackers.

Afternoon snack: 3 Brownie Bites, and most of a short kid's milk @ Starbucks.

And NOOO puking! Woohoo!

COnsidering that yesterday, even two tiny sips of water made him hurl, this is a marked improvement, to say the least!

Crossing fingers that Jeff and I will remain unscathed. 'Cause, really? Don't need it. Don't want it... and really - really hope it's gone.
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Wendy said...

I am glad it's almost on the outs. It didn't last long in our house and thankfully my husband and I didn't get it. I pray you stay healthy. The stomach flu and pregnancy really suck together.