Monday, July 23, 2007


I can't blog.... unless I type entirely right-handed.... which is what I am doing now. I can't knit.... I can't unhook my own bra, or reach above my head. I did a number on my left shoulder last week... although I still am not entirely sure how. But until yesterday, it was bearable. But yesterday, last night, this morning? So. Much. Pain!!!!

Hopefully I can get into the Chiro today, and he can fix me. Otherwise? Shoot me now. Fuck. 30 is a couple of weeks away.... I shouldn't be this broken already! Wish luck.
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Jamie said...

Isn't it hell getting old? :)

Anne said...

oh damn, girl. It's not how old you are but that you've had a baby. I was fine until I started having those little I should just be tossed in the scrapheap.