Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Pregnant memories....

June 2004, originally uploaded by tjsmommabear.

It's almost 3 years to the date I found out I was pregnant with Travis. It was awesome.... although I was pretty much scared shitless.... I had just had a miscarriage.... and I didn't want to get too "attached" in case it happened again.

We took a lot of pictures of me huge and pregnant. As uncomfortable as I was a lot of the time.... I was really happy to have the symptoms, and hear the heartbeat on my rented doppler. Each doctor's appointment brought us closer together.... this little person who was living inside of me, growing stronger each day.
So, I'm jumping on the baby bump photo bandwagon... Although.... Travis was never really a "bump".... more like a watermelon! :)

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

GREAT photo! I love it! Wish I was in a bubble bath, too... that's where I spent a lot my pregnant time, too!!!

Thanks for playing along!


busybusymomma said...

That's a great belly picture!! You look so thrilled. :o)

Anne said...

what a cool idea for a pregnancy photo! PS I got the package yesterday...you ROOL!

holli said...

I love the preggo pic. Unless I really piss one particular person off - you will NEVER see a pic of me pre-birth online. NEVA!