Friday, February 09, 2007

Bye 'Bucks....

So, it's raining. Yay. Among dozens of other businesses, offices, etc. our favorite Starbucks burned down to the ground Wednesday night. Seriously. There was a HUGE 5 alarm fire in downtown.... and it took 100 firemen 7 hours to get it completely extinguished. Sad. I mean, before it was a 'Bucks.... when Jeff and I were first dating it was another cool coffee place, Samsara. We used to go and hang out there all the time. Our downtown spans 3 small blocks.

We went to that 'Bucks the entire time I was pregnant with Travis... We went to that 'Bucks the day Travis was born... before my scheduled induction. I called ahead to the hospital to be sure a Caramel Apple Cider was considered a "clear liquid". I went there in the afternoons, daily when Travis was little bitty... just to feel like a real person once again - and get out among the world. It was where I always had my first and last Eggnog Latte, and Peppermint Mocha of the season. I stopped there after Farmer's Market without fail. Travis would always get a cookie and flirt with the female Baristas. Everyone there knew our NAMES! It was like our "Cheers!"

I mean... sure it's "just" a coffee place... but there were memories in that 100 year old building. It was a gathering place... a familiar place... where you'd see the same people... and always run into those you knew. There are 3 other 'Bucks in town... but none of them felt like this one did.

Sure, they will rebuild... and who knows when or what will eventually be housed there... but it won't be the same.

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Allie said...

My husband works for starbucks. They are a great company but I'm pretty sure they don't compensate for unemployment in the case of a disaster. Those poor jobless people. Sigh.