Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday 13. At least I'm up!

Thirteen Things I've Done Since I Woke Up, and it's Only 9:30am

1. Cuddled with Travis.
2. Nursed him twice.
3. Checked email.
4. Signed up for The Grocery Game.
5. Perused the online sales at Old Navy. Found out the Children’s Place has their “Monster Sale” starting tomorrow. 50% off clearance-priced merchandise!!! Vowed to drive out to Gilroy tomorrow due to this fact.
6. Decided to make Blueberry Coffeecake with the Trader Joes Multi-grain baking mix, and the gorgeous fresh blueberries in the ‘fridge just waiting to be used.
7. Looked at the label, and realized that even though it is MULTI GRAIN, it’s not WHOLE GRAIN. So, taboo on the Sonoma Plan.
8. Eff, it…. decided to do it anyway.
9. Crap! No buttermilk in the house. Made a substitute by heating up a cup of milk in the micro, and added 1 ½-2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice. Curdled quite nicely, which is really what I was after.
10. Cut back on ½ cup sugar (also taboo) by a few tablespoons. Feeling virtuous.
11. Mixed up recipe, popped in the oven. Threw dishes into the dishwasher.
12. Poured Travis some “ceceal” for breakfast. Kashi Go Lean The kid LOVES this stuff. Cleaned up soggy Kashi, and spilled milk from toddler, chair, table, carpet, and self.
13. Procrastinated on folding laundry!

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_gentle said...

Found you through Thursday Thirteen. I can totally identify with your day