Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Knitting fool!!

Well, not even a week into learning how to knit on needles, I think I'm officially obsessed. I taught myself how to purl. Now, it's all over. Heh. ;)

My Boyd Needlemaster Set is on its way to me as I type! Normally $70.00 with a sale and coupon code, $35.00!!! YAY!!!

Working on a cute scarf for myself right now.... I'm using Paton's Twister yarn in Fruit Loops. It's SO cute!!! I will post in-progress pics when my camera battery has had a chance to re-charge. For now, here's a yarn swatch from their site:

Love it! The best part is, I got the yarn on sale marked from $6.00 a ball to $2.00 each. Woohoo!!!

Anyway... been so excited about this newfound ability.... I haven't even watched much on our new T.V. We finally took the plunge and got a 42 inch Plasma. It seriously rocks. Travis is watching The Wiggles right now, and they seem almost life-sized! LOL!

Anyway.... going to try and get outta the house soon.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Woo-Hoo! Good job! I've been keeping my hands busy knitting hats on my new looms. Got 1 done and another almost there... http://workingonafullhouse.com/blog/?page_id=431 . Looming is so much easier on my pregnancy-fried brain right now than trying to work on my hubby's hat I have on the circulars right now.