Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stitch, bitch, and moan

Oh. My. GAWD! So. Freaking SORE!!! I only did 30 minutes of the workout this morning because, after doing most of it yesterday, I am seriously going to die! That ball workout KILLS your abs, thighs,butt, arms, chest, and obliques. Oh, and did I mention, it KILLS your abs? Oh, right. I did.

I knew it would be bad today... I started feeling sore last night. Anyway... what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, RIGHT? Well, in my case, it makes me bitch and moan a LOT! ;)

I FINALLY finished the "Magic Scarf" I've been working on for my mom. It's really nice, but one end is bound off too tight and doesn't really stretch open all the way. That's okay, because I doubt she'll be using it to cover her face.

I need to start another one for my mother-in-law.... but the hat I'm working on is taking up that loom. She wanted the width to be smaller than the big one that I used for my mom's scarf. I need to go to the craft store and pick up some more of the Moda Dea Swirl Rosette colored yarn for that hat, actually. Aren't the colors to die for? Plus, it's SOOOO soft.

I'm using Candy-Apple red Homespun yarn with this. Gorgeous, but really thick, so more suited as a very cold weather hat, actually. I'll make her a more lightweight one after I make her scarf.

I also picked up the Stitch 'n Bitch Knitting book last night at Borders. Hoooray for gift cards!!

I hope to be able to figure out the whole knitting with needles thing, so I don't feel like a knitting fraud, for using a loom. ;)

I do want to get some fine gauge sock looms, though. That would be SO cool, to be able to make socks. Ones for Travis and any future baby would be easy, since they're SO tiny!

Anyway, I need to throw in some laundry, before the pile overtakes our bedroom. Again.
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