Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Chaos!

Shopping, almost completed!!! Wrapping... well, just started, but damn. Contending with tantruming toddler in the middle of Borders this morning was lovely. Not sure was caused the Meltdown.... just everything, I guess. And, of course, he had the foulest poop ever - and necessitated a change on the passenger seat of my car, kicking, screaming, and Fuh-reaking out the entire time! And, to think... the morning started off so mellow... we Starbucked... White Peppermint Mocha for me, and Pumpkin Scone for him.

I packed him into the car, and we came home. I nursed him, and he crashed out hard.

Then, I bumped the Blackeyed Peas on my iPod while I attacked the mountain of gifts that need wrapping.

So, yeah. Getting there... still alive... and I need to upload more pictures to Flickr. I took some really cute ones of Travis this morning.

I still need to go to FedEx/Kinkos.... the manager called a bit ago - they FINALLY have my Family Christmas project completed, 3 days late. Oh, don't get me started on the HOUR I spent there last night with a hyper toddler while they were playing the CYA game. Ugh. They'd better give me a discount.

Speaking of FedEx... I had a really bizarre dream last night about Kevin Federline. I am not even going to attempt to go into it.... but, I didn't have sex with him, and he gave me a bunch of money. Weird, huh?

I think today is definately going to be a 2 mocha day.
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1 comment:

Mrs. Flinger said...

Your dream is just WRONG. ;-) But hey! You got packages wrapped! WOOOT!

(Christmas cards?! WHAT. ARE. THOSE?!)