Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Sounds of Silence! :)

A strange thing is happening right now. Travis is letting me blog. And have coffee - in peace! He's not trying to pry my fingers off of the keyboard. He's not throwing a tantrum, and he's not trying to turn off the computer monitor and he's not putting Bunny Grahams in the computer's tower. He's not climbing on me demanding Boob. It's bizarre.

He's alive, and well. He's playing BY HIMSELF! And he has been for the last 30-40 minutes. A virtual eternity for him.
No, he's not drugged, or zoning out on the idiot box.

I found a very cool toy at our local consignment store:

Does it not rock? There are little wooden animals, and doors and windows that open and close. There are wooden food pellets that you drop down the chute, and turn the wheel, and they drop out into a trough on the bottom. The roof slats are removable, and all in all, it freaking rocks my socks.

The best part? It retails for $80.00 new, and I scored it gently-used for $15.00. Yay!!

Also, since we got our new French Press coffee maker last weekend... Yum! I love being able to just make a couple of cups in the morning for myself. The daily trips to Starbucks... and on the REALLY bad days - 2... oh, they are over. I've been twice this week. Once on Cannery Row, and after we went to the Aquarium the other day
in the evening... and once last night at the mall.

Considering, I can't get out of there without spending $5.00 a pop - Grande Pumpkin spice Latte or a Maple or Caramel Macchiato for me, plus a pastry most of the time for The Boy... yeah, that's an improvement.

Sigh. The toy's novelty has worn off for the moment, and Travis is back to his old tricks. Later.
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holli said...

That toy is so cool!! Good score mom!!

Good luck on the coffee thing and let me know how it goes! Every time I try and experiment - it just doesn't match up to my gigantic cup of morning goo.

Okay - I must check out the post below now!

Rachael said...

Okay I am siooo jealous! That is the exact persent i have my eye on for Gavin this Christmas. We are tryign to be cheap this Christmas though so I am not sure he'll get it LOL. You lucky slut!
Oh and the french press. John would be so jealous. In fact I just told him and he said he'd like to move in with you! LOL!

Mrs. Flinger said...

We have TWO toys right now that let me poop. Isn't it amazing??

If I purchase that I might have time to also dry my hair! WHEEEE!

Anne said...

um that toy is BADASS! I need a consignment store to visit dammit! And cheers to you and the french press. It ain't quite starbuck's but it's closer that a standard coffee maker. Let me know if you ever score some of their punkin syrup. And Torani blows.