Monday, October 02, 2006

Fall Challenges...

I've been meaning to start doing these things I see online. Challenges, and such. Photo things, writing things... you know... to be a consistant part of something something that lasts longer than a few weeks.

So, that's what I intend to do. I love Mama Says Om. So, I want to do the photo theme whenever possible. Also, the Writing Wednesday. And, maybe, if I'm feeling ambitious, the Self-Portrait Challenge. We'll see. :)

I also REALLY need to keep my Flickr account updated, join photo pools, convert my links over to and be less of a lurky-online bump on a log. ;)

So, without any further ado... the theme over at Mama Says Om this week is Fall. So, in honor of that... here is a picture of my little man at around this time last year.

Last year, Travis could crawl, but not walk. He could babble, but not talk. Now, he's walking, dancing, and talking. He's figuring out this world we live in - day by day. His favorite word right now is "OPEN!" (Pronounced "oh-puh!") He wants to OPEN EVERYTHING! He says it for the door, the light switches, the baby gate, his flip-up straw on his sippy cup.

His favorite thing to say is "No! Alldone!" and he says "all done" just like that - "alldone!!", as if it's one word. If he wants something to be over he says "Alldone!" as if, just uttering the phrase makes whatever unpleasant task stop in its tracks.

The Boy figured out that we were having chicken for dinner. "Cockadoodledoo" or as he says "tucadoodoodoo". He figured out he could move our new ottoman over and climb up on it to "Oh-PUH" the light switch all by himself.

By the way... the ottoman? Normally $50.00 at Tar-jay. Clearanced to $6.24!!!
Oh, yeah... I am NINJA shopper!

Parenting Travis a joy, and a challenge daily. We have perfect, storybook days... and those where at the end of the day - I feel like I've run a marathon. Twice. Today, it's most definately the latter.

Today he pulled his first public toddler stunt. It involved laying down in the PARKING LOT at Target. Yup. He was walking with me from Starbucks. (Which is just across from Target.) All I wanted was a Pumkin Spice Latte. Full fat, with whipped cream. Just. A. Latte. He picked out a piece of lemon poundcake. I had visions of enjoying my coffee, while he sat - in cherubic form, nibbling his snack.

Oh, no.... he wouldn't sit down at Starbucks. He wanted to re-arrange the bags of coffee in the displays. He wanted to spin the CD tower, and to try and open the doors. He wanted to dance to the Louie Armstrong playing on the music channel. He wanted to climb up on the chair next to an elderly lady. I let him do this after her blessing... but then it was a get up, only to get down game. Ugh. He wanted to be free to do what he wanted.

So I vocalized to him that he had a lot of energy. I asked if he wanted to play at the park or go to the beach and use his shovel. "Uffle! (shovel) Yeeeah!" he said. So, off we went - we were going to the beach!!

We walked across the parking lot. I had his sippy, my latte, and the bag with his snack. Also, his hand - as he walked beside me. About a quarter of the way to the car, he did that Jell-o leg thing. He dropped to the ground and refused to walk. I pulled on his hand, to get him to stand up again. He did, but then a few steps later did it again. This time starting to tantrum. I pulled him up AGAIN, and told him he had to walk because I couldn't carry him. So, this continued until we were 2 cars from our own. He did it AGAIN. This time he laid down in the middle of the parking lot. He would NOT get up, and just tantrumed away.

I was FURIOUS. I left our stuff on the ground, and picked him up. I opened the car and the whole time I was telling him (not yelling, but close.) that it was not safe to lay down in the street. I buckled him into his carseat, and seriously, was probably the maddest I have been at him. I didn't lose my marbles, didn't scream, didn't spank, just was frustrated and mad.

I closed his door, then retrieved our things from the ground. I got in the car, turned on the AC, and just took a second or two to BREATHE! I looked back at Travis. He wouldn't make eye contact. He looked crestfallen. I felt bad. But he had to know that his behavior wasn't okay.

So, I plugged my iPod in, and turned on The Backyardigans CD, and turned it up loud - and sang along. I looked back again. He started to dance in his carseat. Then I took a piece of poundcake and offered it to him. He smiled and ate it. He ate his poundcake while I drank my latte in the car. Peace was restored.

Then we went to the beach, just like I promised. :)

So, here's a photo of us - a self-portrait at the beach, after this whole scenario - taken today. What a difference a year makes, huh?!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, at least that was a short tantrum.

Ian's tantrums last a good half hour at minimum(depending on the offense against him)...and sometimes a neighbor comes over and asks if he's alright.


Mrs. Flinger said...

Y'all look so happy!!! And I love that you're out there totally getting your feet wet in new and fun things. :-) Inspiring!

Mandy said...

They forgive so quickly, huh? He's a cutie. I remember those days, wasn't that long ago. My youngest is now 3 1/2. Cute fall picture!

scribbit said...

Ninja shopper? I'm picturing that one. :) What a cute picture, I love beach trips, everyone is always so happy to be at the ocean.

Lillithmother said...

LOL - great post! thank you for sharing!


Shelley said...

Hold that line, sister. Walk away from the tantrums. It works.

Great story and photos!