Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bouncing back!

Well, everything is mostly back to (ab)normal here...
This cold is getting to be done... (and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!) And at this moment Travis is getting into mischief, pulling Kleenex out of the box 1 by 1... So, yeah, he's doing well. Save for some residually gnarly diapers... we're feeling much better! Yay!

I've been walking on the trail an hour a day since last Wednesday, minus the weekend.
It's been nice to get out, get some exercise, and I plug my portable speakers into my iPod, and we both rock out. Trav is is getting more used to his jogger, and he likes to look at the sea lions on the rocks. I got some kick-ass new Nikes yesterday for our walks. See?

They are like this, except grey and silver with accents of pink instead of blue! Cute! :)

For my birthday, we went out on Saturday to the Fish House. It was GREAT! Too bad my taste buds were not working at their full capacity, though. :(

Pretty much just hung around, messed with our digital pictures, etc. for the weekend. We went to the Pub on Saturday and had some pints. That was fun! I had my digital scrapbooking layouts printed @ Costco. They turned out AMAZING! :) I'm really glad, because I was afraid I wouldn't be happy with the printing on those 12x18 prints. The pages are 12x12, so I have to trim off the extra.

Travis just took one of my DVDs that I use to back-up my files, and put it in the DVD player. He actually put it in the correct way, which kinda freaks me out! Not to mention he can open, close it, and press play, already! :) I put in a Baby Einstein DVD for him, and he's trying his best to repeat the names of the animals. SO CUTE! WHen the lion shows up on the screen, he always goes "uh, oh!" Heh.

My mom is coming today, and we're going to lunch and the Farmers Market. Hopefully the sun will come out, because it is currently cloudy and lame out there.

Well, off to make cheesy eggs for The Boy's breakfast, and eat some Kashi for me. I think I am going to make coffee, too. Or maybe just green tea with my kick-ass lotus flower honey. YUMMY!
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