Thursday, July 06, 2006

Countdown to the Terrible Twos....

The Boy has an obsession.... pushing buttons. Day in and day out... The doorbell, the cd player, the buttons on the dvd player - and the TiVo, and the cable box, etc, ad infinitum...)

As a matter of fact, I took him to the Children's Museum today, and he spent a good chunk of time going up and down the stairs of the play build-a-house, and hitting the doorbell button... much to the chagrin of everyone else. (Me included!) Here's photographic evidence of such:

As irritating as Travis' button-pushing fetish can be...
it takes every fiber of my being not to bust out in laughter when he's caught red-handed. You see, my son was born with that innate, and hysterical instinct. You know the one, right?

Whenever I catch him opening the dvd player, and inserting a CD/DVD of unknown origin, he freaks out, has a look of unmistakable guilt flicker across his face, and in the same swift motion freaks out and flings said CD/DVD and hits the close button on the player. At 20 months. It's simultaneously freaking adorable, and unspeakably annoying. Yup. I am in for it. The terrible twos are here to stay. I have a feeling it's gonna be a bumpy ride!
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Mama C-ta said...

That's too cute! Funny I was JUST thinking how Julian loves to push buttons now, other than mine. After he just spent hours turning on the alarm clock and TV over and over.

Anne said...

Emma does the same exact thing and it makes me crazy when electronic manufactureres make enormous buttons so low to the ground. These kids cannot control themselves! It is a conspiracy I tell you!

Rachael said...

Okay T and Gavin could be twins. Gav is OBSESSED with buttons. Sometimes things that just look like buttons, but aren't, he'll go push. When he's all the park the bolts that hold it together look like buttons. So he'll spend the entire time pushing them.
When we take him to the children's museum he spends the entire time pushing these buttons that light up this tree house.
So I know what you are going through!