Sunday, April 09, 2006

Getting closer

We're meeting my friend who's getting married in a few hours in San Jose. I'm going to help her register for naughty things at Fredericks. Also, I need to shop for clothes. Badly. My jeans are, once again, rediculously huge on me. All of my shirts are also too big. Yay! I tried on the dress for the first time since we picked it up. Oh, my.... it SO needs to be taken in! Hopefully I can find someone who can do it... it's a really delicate fabric, and the ribbon that goes around it needs to be shortened, too. But, since the satin ribbon is sewn around the back, and into the zipper panel, so it's going to involve taking the dress apart to alter it. Yikes!

I am about 40 lbs from my "goal" weight. Although that's still about 10-15 lbs off from my ideal weight, I will be so happy once I reach it. I am only 6 pounds away from ONEderland. Woohoo!

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1 comment:

Anne said...

congratulations! so you have to alter somethings, at least it's cuz you are going in a better direction, right?!