Friday, February 17, 2006


This morning, The Boy and I took a shower. I got a water sling from the For Sale or Trade board on TBW.... it was nice, we both got clean, and I didn't have to worry I was gonna drop his slippery little butt.

Afterwards, I bundled him in a towel. went to put a diaper on him, when I realized that there was no left tab on the diaper.... YET againn! Damn Pampers! I swear, the last two packages I've bought have had issues. So, I put him in another diaper, and place him on our bedroom floor, while I go in search of the telephone, and jeans for him.

I was in the middle of talking to the lady from Pampers getting my replacement coupon for the f-ed up diapers. I walked into our bedroom doorway, and the smell hit me like a ton of bricks. Oh, no.... Oh, yes! The blow-out from hell. All over his (formerly) clean body, and all over our (formerly) clean carpet.

So, I threw a towel down, and got to work. All the while, talking to the Pampers beotch. She sad she needed a number that was stamped on the waistband of the diapee. Um, no, there isn't a number anywhere to be found. In between all this I've gone through every wipe in the box, and the kid is still not clean.

I finish up with her, and get The Boy onto his changing table, where I break into a new package of wipes, and go to town. Finally he's clean again.

I survey the damage to my carpet. I see that there are bright yellow splotches over about a 3 foot radius. Damn it! Then, it dawned on me that I still had my friend's Bissell Steamer that I borrowed at Christmas.... Thank God! Now my carpet is good as new. Talk about a shitty morning. At least it's got nowhere to go but up from here. I hope.
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Anne said...

i s empathize. it never fails to happen, the shit that is, at the most inconvenient moments. all hail you had the steamcleaner, tho. that kicks booty. hope your day improved!

Rachael said...

Ewwww! Reminds me of when Gavin had the stomach flu. He pooped on the carpet 5 different times. It was then I thanked God for the $250 we spent on our carpet machine. Totally came in handy.
I hate pampers just for that no tab reason. I went through 3 packages and had to have them replaced. Such a hassle!

Mama C-ta said...

Oh so you like the water sling? Does he normally like showers? I haven't tried Julian in the shower yet, might be a good reason to try one of the mesh slings.