Monday, January 09, 2006

My new love!

I can't believe I got THIS today for $270 after tax... just $10.00 less than a 6 month membership to my local gym! I LOVE it already!! :) Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of my hating to exercise, and being a chubby mommy! Yummy Mummy here I come! (yeah, whatever...)

Also, I am going to the chiro today... my neck has been KILLING me for days!

Yesterday we went to a S.J. mall to meet MIL and FIL to have lunch and hang out. It was pleasant (as usual!) except for that little part where Travis started choking on a cracker at the Cheesecake Factory during lunch. He started coughing at first, and I was watching him, thinking as long as he could cough, he was fine. In an instant he stopped coughing and turned bright red! Jeff, me and MIL ALL tried to get the buckle on the high chair undone, but it was stuck! Jeff had the brillant idea of turning the whole chair sideways, so I could whack the poor boy between his shoulder blades. That dislodged the cracker, and besides freaking us all out (Travis included!) no onme was worse for wear. Amazingly, the whole scene took mere seconds, and was executed with surgical prescision. Note to self: ALWAYS bring the Boy's Floppy Seat into restaurants, you know the buckles on that thing fly open in an instant when needed!

Poor Travis was miserable after we got home from hanging out with the ILs last night. :( His teeth hurt, he didn't want to eat dinner, and it hrt him to even nurse! We tried giving him a popsicle, but he just screamed in protest.

Eventually, we got him sufficently calmed down (read: drugged with Tylenol) enough to lie down and nurse until he fell asleep around 11:30 last night. He wanted to nurse ALL NIGHT, though... so my body feels like I was hit by a truck today.

Oh well... he's definately worth it! :)
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1 comment:

holli said...

That's the exact one I got and I never used the darned thing.. not once. I need to sell it. It was just always too hot in Texas and Faith had too many ear infections - and I'm just a lazy butt.

But see - you've already done more than me! So good for you - ALRIGHT!!!