Saturday, January 21, 2006

Changing sizes

Today I go get fitted for my bridesmaid dress. My friend is getting married in June. I hope they will have to take in the dress a LOT by then! :)

It's pretty, at least, although the model - of course - is a skinny beotch....

So, my "smaller" jeans I just bought two weeks ago are starting to get looser on me. They are a size 18. Ugh. I hate typing that. 18. I was a size 2 at one point in HS, but I had an eating disorder then. That was unhealthy, obviously... When I got married I was a 12. I can live with a 12. I was "healthy looking" and I could pretty much shop anywhere I wanted to. An 8 sounds better, though.... a nice single digit... sigh... I'll be the same person, of course, there will just be less of me!

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Rachael said...

ohhh I love the dress!!! It's awesome that you are so motivated. it is making me excited to lose the weight when I am done being pregnant.
I am a size 18 too. Well I was before I got pregnant. The funny thing is I can still button my size 18 jeans even with my big belly becasue I have taken off 15lbs. You wouldn't think 15lbs would make a huge difference. But it does. I imagien I will be a 18 for awhile after the baby is born too. I agree a size 8 does sound so much better. Even a 10.

Anne said...

dammit!ive been a bridesmaid three times now and the dresses were never that cute! wah wah wahhh! helllo gorgeous!