Friday, January 27, 2006


We went to the Mommy & Me singing class @ our Mom's Group at 10:30 for an hour yesterday, and then I went to the Bucks drive-through 'cause Travis zonked out in his carseat. I filled up the car with gas... $2.45/gallon!! Then I drove to the beach and listened to some of my Pod Casts with the car running so The Boy would actually STAY asleep.

Afterwards, I drove the scenic ocean route through Pacific Grove and the free part of 17 Mile Drive.

I had my "annual" cooter exam appointment to go to. By then, I only had 15 minutes before my Gyn appt, and I had to PEE! So, I went to their office and checked in, and then finally was able to relieve my bladder. I actually peed while Travis was in the sling because I was NOT going to put him down on the floor in there, no way!

It occured to me that I hadn't used the bathroom there, ever without peeing in the cup for a specimin. That struck me as funny for some reason, I dunno why. You know, the actual appointment wasn't all that bad. Well, parts of it were more than a little unpleasant. It's all fun and games until someone sticks a finger up your butt. What the hell is up with that?!

Doc and I chatted about the baby, and thankfully, my favorite nurse held him while the actual "deed" was being done.

I mentioned that I have had zero sex drive since the baby was born. He assured me that yes, it's completely normal with nursing, and it's just something people don't talk about at parties. He mentioned there used to be a testosterone patch for women, but they took it off the market. So, there's basically nothing I can do about it... Yeah, whatever... that really eases my mind. Not.
So, yeah. That's that.

Then we went to the park with some other moms from our group, but it was freezing so we only stayed about an hour. I did manage to give myself blisters by walking the three blocks to the park in my sandals...

We went out to dinner, and The Boy was teethy, cranky, etc. I was snippy because the baby was stressing me out... and had been for like the last few days. Then Jeff's cell phone rang, work stuff, then right before our food got there his mom called. So, the first half of being in the restaurant was kinda lame. After our food arrived it was much more pleasant, and it was really good. I had Chicken Castroville in an artichoke cream sauce, and broccoli and carrots - no rice, they only had white.

Today, I dunno what we'll do. I was going to check out the Stroller Strides class, but then it started raining. I ran into an old acquaintance from Jr. High & High School a few months ago, and she called me last week wanting to have lunch today. We'll see if that still happens. She was really annoying back in the day, and hopefully she isn't still that way.

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Anne said...

oh man, i totally remember the no sex drive and believe it was all due to nursing as well. Im not saying it was all bad tho, heck, no-sex saves a lot of time and cleanup. :) Plus, you never have to worry about being pregnant.

Rachael said...

Nothing like a day ending in a cooter exam Good times. I haven't had any sex drive since I got pregnant with Gavin. So that has been 2 years now. I am hoping after I pop this kid out things will change.