Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry F-ing Christmas!

So yesterday, I went to the post office. Oh. My. God! All I needed was some stamps in order to mail out our Christmas cards. I stood in a 5 person line to use the cool-ass postal mailing, and stamp machine that accepts credit and debit cards. When I got up there... yup. Out of stamps. There was a line of (I am serious here!) nearly 30 people all waiting in line to mail packages. I was not going to wait with my squirmy baby who was arching backwards to get out of the sling. Nope.

So, onto Plan B. The UPS Store. Sure, they charge $3.00 more than the Post Office for a book of stamps - I needed 2 books. But, since they would be the charming gingerbread people stamps,

I was going to do it. Pay $6.00 more than the post office. For the SAME stamps, yes I was.

But, as you may see where this is going... they were all out of Christams stamps. All out of stamps, except for the "goddamned Snowy Fucking egret stamps."

(Jeff and I joke about these all the time...) I was certainly NOT going to spend $6.00 MORE than the Post Office for "goddamned snowy f-ing egret stamps!"

So, this morning, I will venture out into the heart of the beast... in search of my beloved Gingerbread People stamps.
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Anne said...

for all of these reasns, i never ever go to the us post office. if i need stamps, i order them online well in advance. you cannot beat 1 dollar shipping when the lines at our po are out the door almost any time of day through out the year. it would piss off the pope.

Mama C-ta said...

LOL that sounds like my luck. I buy my stamps at the grocery store and no longer care if it's some lame ass stamp, all about convenience these days!