Monday, December 26, 2005

The Christmas Haul.

We had a lovely Christmas. Went to the in-laws and did the whole 2 hour
gift-unwrap-athon. We all did well. Especially Travis. Wow, did that kid make out like a bandit! He got: A Mega Bloks wagon, a See-N-Say, Mega Bloks Tiny 'n Tuff Rescue set, a shape sorter dump truck that goes when you push the guy's head down, a Mega Bloks dump truck, and Mega Bloks train, AND a Pooh Mega Bloks set, a Mambo Combo Tent and tunnel playset, a Winnie the Pooh toy box hand-painted by his talented Auntie, another shape sorter, Alphabet Peek-a-blocks and tons of books and clothes.

I got some Tutti Dulci Creme Brulee Bath and Body Works lotion, BBW Fresh Vanilla perfume (both from Jeff and the Boy), a sweater and scarf set, a Food Network Cookbook, a digital bathroom scale that remembers your weight/goal weight/pounds lost (from Jeff), a tea kettle, March of the Penguins DVD , a crappy kitchen utensil set from K-mart(that I'm returning - thanks J's Grandma...)and also $80 from my dad, which I spent on more gifts for Travis. :)

I also got a blue Paisley Hotsling, and a Lucky Baby Pouch Sling in the cool Lucky Circles print! (from my Carrier fairy, and me!)

Jeff got: A Norelco Cool Skin shaver (from me and the boy) and a wallet (also from us), The Dead Zone Season 3 on DVD, a wireless router for our computer, a Guinness Pub Mirror, and a Guinness sweat shirt, a Sweater (thanks Grandma...), StarGate Atlantis Season 1 DVD set, 24 Season Four, and San Jose Sharks tickets to go with MIL's husband and his brother and friend.

Our communal gifts were: 2 lbs of See's candies Soft Centers... what are they trying to do? KILL ME??
bathroom towels, a fish shower curtain, bathroom rugs,a $30 iTunes gift card, and a Starbucks coffee grinder

We are seriously going to need to move into a 3 bedroom place to fit all this stuff in! :)

Yup, it's a great time of year!
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Anne said...

nice haul! holy crap, i LOVE see's candies...especially the two pounder. wah wah wahhhhhhhhhh!

Mama C-ta said...

Nice job on the slings man! I haven't heard of the Lucky ones before so I had to immediately check them out online. Just another sling to covet, sigh. My friend is making me one and it's taking forever, I'm getting impatient!!

Merry belated Xmas!