Monday, October 17, 2005

Tropical Storm Travis at work...

Travis' new favorite thing to do! Posted by Picasa

Oh yeah... it's on like Donkey Kong! It's also hopeless to try keep him away from the dvds... or the curtain of the sliding door... or the Tivo remote.... or ANY remote, for that matter!

He's entranced by everything. When he's redirected to something (anything!)less destructive, he protests (screams) like a toddler shunned. Jeff calls him an "enfaddler" (the French word for baby is enfant+toddler)He's stuck right in the middle of the two stages, allright. Happy with his newfound powers to locamote, and driving me crazy with his ability to demolish a room in 2.3 seconds flat. Sigh. Also, he loves to find new and unusual ways to bash himself in the face, head, and other appendeges. He crashes headfirst into the sliding glass door, doorframes, and walls, he bonks himself on chairs, he smacks himself with hard edges of board books, he steamrolls over pointy ends of toys... you name it, he does it. The daily crop of resulting bruises must have people wondering whether I beat my child. Which, of course I do not! Poor guy... hopefully these self-inflicted injuries will pass soon!
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holli said...

Oh my gosh - how in synch.. Faith has commando taken over the Tivo remote and can now operate it.. she somehow has figured it out! And she can't say the word, but is working on it. All I can say is hide the Tivo remote - because when they hide that one.. you are SCREWED!!!! LOL!!

Donkey Kong - LOVE IT!!

Rachael said...

I love the picture and the title! HA! Gavin has a remote fetish too. He will spot one across the room. He used to be obsessed with pushign the buttons o nthe actual TV but we got a TV guard so he can't anymore.
As for the bruises, Gavin is always covered in them. I always feel like people think I beat him LOL.