Monday, September 05, 2005


It was a nice holiday weekend...

Friday night we went out with my dad to Chili's. (His treat!) Saturday... we just shopped for groceries... and got our new fish tank. It's only 6 gallons, but it's just right for some fish we'll put in once the tank is conditioned. The betta is in it right now... he's SO happy! It's like Trump Tower compared to the tiny other bowl he was in.

Yesterday we went with my dad and Travis (of course!) to the water park about an hour away. It's almost closed for the season, so we have to go a couple of more times before then.

We came home, and ate beef brisket slowcooker bbq I had started that morning. It was yummy! Then we watched the first disc of "Entourage" we rented from NetFlix. it's pretty funny.

Today we went out to brunch just us and the Boy. We fed him yogurt while we waited for our breakfast. He was SO good in the high chair! He sat there the entire time we were eating! Friday night too! I think the trick is to feed him too while we're eating. At Chili's he had some mashed potatoes, and a bit of my chicken, and chewed on some ribs. It's so crazy that he's eating "real" food now! :)

After brunch we went for a drive along the beach. We stopped in Pacific Grove and took Travis to the tide pools for a bit.

Then I had my La Leche thing to go to, so I took Travis, and Jeff went to the office for a bit. My car started doing that thing again today! That not wanting to start thing! I took it in about a month ago to be serviced and looked at... but who knows why it's still having these issues?! It's not happening all the time, so unless they can get it NOT to start they can't fix it. But when I bring it in... IT ALWAYS STARTS! I hate cars!

After all that stuff... we came home and did laundry. We watched more of the Amazing Race Marathon on TiVo. Then, I strapped Travis into the Moby Wrap, and we walked along the beach just before sunset. it was really nice! We came home and watched more Amazing Race marathon, and made a Boboli pizza and salad for dinner.

So, just plain old nice family stuff. I love my life!
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