Monday, August 01, 2005

Whack an ant

I'm having coffee, and laundrying, and listening to the dishwasher go... also listening for Travis on the monitor... he's still asleep. What a great baby I have! :)

Yesterday Jeff's Grandma scared us. She was hanging a picture back up after painting her livingroom. It had fallen behind her couch after being re-hung the first time. She was standing on her couch cushions.... (see where this is going?)

Grandma + couch cushion standing + holding large artwork + coffee table + head hitting = ambulance ride, mild concussion, and some stitches. Poor Grandma. I'm glad it wasn't worse. It could have been much worse. This is why getting old scares me so much... Sigh.

Anyway, Jeff's uncle is coming up from LA today to spend the week with her. (And to finish painting.) I had told her a couple of weeks ago just to hire someone, but she's stubborn. A 74-year-old shouldn't be standing on a ladder, or couch cushions for any reason whatsoever.


The ants are back. Ack! We hate them! The kitchen was covered in them this morning. Jeff had to commit Untold Ant Atrocoties just to make us coffee. We keep finding them though... Jeff decribed them as "VC Charlie Ho Chi Minh Trail motherfuckers." This is the man who has my heart, people... :) He's a little rough around the edges, but he's perfect for me.
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Rachael said...

Oh your poor Grandma! I am so glad she is okay. John's Grandma loves to do things like that. But she is almost 90 and seriously seenile.
I seriously LOL at that ant story. You all are so funny. We have ants bad too. Yesterday they were coming in through the french doors and i got my vacuum out and sucked them up.

Mrs. Flinger said...

We have ants. Seriously annoying, aren't they??

And I totally saw your comment on Rachael's blog about resisting the pregnancy bug (speaking of bugs).

I'm :-)

Anne said...

bahahhaha! But UGH! Sorry to hear they are back again. Grandma sounds like a pistol. I hope to be the same exact way when I am 74! Glad she's okay!

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T.J.'s Mommy said...

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